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I recently packaged MikroTik Winbox for our company desktops. We use RouterOS devices for many applications, and Winbox is the easiest way to manage them. It is a windows application, but it runs perfectly in wine. This package includes a desktop launcher, icon, and winbox.

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There is a bug in the version of wine supplied with Ubuntu Hardy. This causes the version of Internet Explorer installed with ies4linux to hang when loading sites via HTTPS. I use IE for a few sites written back in the dark ages, and for testing a site’s layout before publication.

Aside:’s neat new automagically expanding header images look terrible in IE 5/6. I have no intention of fixing this. If you’re reading my site, you probably know better than to use IE for everyday browsing.

In October I recompiled wine from the Hardy source packages with the proposed bug fix. But I never announced it. If you missed that, you can find it in the repository.

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