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SSL fixed (for now)

I’ve temporarily fixed the SSL cert on by rolling back to an older still-valid cert that lacks some DNS names I don’t really need. In the next few months, I intend to upgrade this server and then configure Let’s Encrypt. I’ve had enough of manually dealing with SSL certs.

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My SSL cert is broken

Thanks to everyone who warned me that my SSL certificate is broken. I’ll find a new issuer soon.

This happened because Google and Mozilla have distrusted my SSL issuer, StartSSL, for very good reasons. I was unaware of this action – StartSSL apparently took no effort to warn its customers – until the warning appeared in recent releases of their browsers.

Shame on you, Wosign and StartSSL.

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Tonight I tested a Raspberry Pi model B running Raspbian as an OpenVPN-capable router. I used an Apple USB FastEthernet adaptor as the external interface. Results are disappointing. Pushing traffic through the VPN produced 90% CPU usage at about 8 Mbit with the CPU running at 700 MHz (no CPU overclocking). That’s far below what my tests with “openssl speed” produced.

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