My SSL cert is broken

Thanks to everyone who warned me that my SSL certificate is broken. I’ll find a new issuer soon.

This happened because Google and Mozilla have distrusted my SSL issuer, StartSSL, for very good reasons. I was unaware of this action – StartSSL apparently took no effort to warn its customers – until the warning appeared in recent releases of their browsers.

Shame on you, Wosign and StartSSL.

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  1. sc’s avatar

    You’re (probably) using Apache on Ubuntu. Why not use Let’s Encrypt?


    1. Tyler Wagner’s avatar

      Whoa, that’s awesome! Thanks for the advice. I’d not seen Lets Encrypt before and will definitely set it up soon. I’ve built up some technical debt with this web server – it still runs Ubuntu Precise, due to be end of life in 2 months – so I’m going to replace it first.


    2. Abdulkareem H. Ali’s avatar

      When you rebuild the server, have a look at Vesta CP: I use it on my VM, although I’m using it on top of CentOS 7. Makes most things just easy, required a minimal server to install and it installs everything from a single script. You can customize what packages to install also as args to the script it self.

      Oh and another thing, I use a VM in Germany with, really good service and fairly cheap.



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