Advanced Ping with Cacti

I use an advanced ping template with Cacti to monitor ICMP latency. Advanced Ping is based on a template originally found on the Cacti forums, but modified to look more like Smoke Ping. My thanks go to my colleague at Talia, Enno, for making it look beautiful as well as functional.



  1. Download the Advanced Ping tar archive.
  2. Extract the xml template and ss_fping.php.
  3. Copy ss_fping.php to the Cacti “scripts” directory, such as /var/www/cacti/scripts.
  4. Ensure ss_fping.php is readable by the web server’s user. Readable by all is safe. It does not need to be executable.
  5. In the Cacti web interface, import cacti_graph_template__00_advanced_ping.xml.
  6. Optionally, rename the template to remove the leading 00 (I prefer this graph to be sorted above all others), or to change its width from 750 to 500 pixels.

Add this graph template to a host and create the graph. You will be prompted what type of ping (ICMP or UDP), timeout, and port (if UDP).


  1. caver’s avatar

    Be aware, at some cases you can damage your cacti instance, due to multi add of colors with 0 id.
    To repair, execute a SQL query “delete from colors where id =0”


  2. Hussain’s avatar

    when importing the XML file I get an error which is

    Hash version does not exist. any help please ?


  3. Silvia’s avatar

    Hello, I have installed Advanced Ping but i have some problems. Cacti graphs latency in ms but the data quuery associated is empty.. Somebody could help me?


  4. rk4k’s avatar

    Add it successfuly and also graph correctly

    Some modification needed manually.

    1. Add name to data template
    2. Add name to graph template.

    Thats all.


  5. Anna Patil’s avatar

    Add it successfuly and also graph correctly,

    but Packet Loss showing as nan


    1. Tyler Wagner’s avatar

      That’s correct. How would you expect packet loss to register? Numbers are for replies in ms.


    2. Manoel Lemos’s avatar


      Thanks for this material!

      However, I need some help.

      I tried to import this template to my Cacti install (Version 0.8.8.b) and it is not working.

      I get this error message while importing: Error: XML: Hash version does not exist.

      And in the Graph Templates list I get an empty line.

      And also many empty lines on the CDEF’s.

      And I can’t make the graph to work.

      Can you provide any help on how to make it work?

      Thanks in adance!



      1. Tyler Wagner’s avatar

        The first result on this page explains the problem.

        Quoting: Cacti supports importing templates exported with an older version into a newer version, but not the reverse.

        Update your Cacti. 0.8.8b is ancient.



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