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I’ve just bought a Logitech M205 wireless notebook mouse. Like my older MX650, this mouse uses the 27 MHz spectrum. The wheel doesn’t tilt, but it has a power switch and you can stow the receiver on the underside of the mouse. So far I’m very happy with it as a travel mouse. I’ll keep the MX650 for my regular work desk.

It seems Logitech is going entirely to 2.4 GHz for their mice. This is very disappointing, as the spectrum is so crowded. I’d love to switch, but the interference problems with wifi are horrible. The tiny “unifying receiver” used by their new devices is pretty slick too, but I doubt you could put an effective 27 MHz antenna in such a small dongle. Does anyone make a modern mouse which doesn’t use 2.4 GHz or bluetooth?

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  1. DouglasVB’s avatar

    The pollution of the 2.4GHz spectrum is becoming quite annoying. Aside from being a smaller package, lower power, longer transmission range, and less regulated, I bet the mass availability of cheap transceivers must really be forcing everyone in that direction. I wonder what part of the spectrum will be polluted next…

    BTW, is your company affected by Galaxy 15 going rogue?


    1. tyler’s avatar

      No, we’re not directly affected by the loss of Galaxy 15. It was positioned at 133°W and covered North America. We don’t do business there, and it is very unlikely to physically threaten any satellites we do use. But the loss of any satellite has an impact on the whole industry, as capacity prices change based on supply and demand. Now a satellite that might have been deployed in my region, lowering prices there, could be diverted to replace Galaxy 15.



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