kregexpeditor, grip now in repo for karmic

Both kregexpeditor (removed since the KDE 4 upgrade) and grip (unmaintained since 2005, relies on old libraries) are missing from Ubuntu karmic. I expect to find alternatives to grip, but for now I’d like to keep using it. And I’ll give up kregexpeditor when they pry it from my cold, dead hands.

The hardy version of kregexpeditor still works on karmic, and I’ve used pbuilder to port the jaunty package of grip to karmic. Both are now in the repo.

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  1. TT Mooney’s avatar

    I tried K3b’s digital music rip and it wasn’t bad. Better than Grip, which always ate my ID3 tags for whatever reason. Since it was the only tool I had, I tried it. Seems it ripped everything at 128 CBR, but that’s a LAME default and I should be able to dial it in, although a quick look-see didn’t show anything easy. I think I just have to dig into the LAME flags again.

    It sure would be nice if the ripping/encoding/management part of the Linux audio experience were more tightly integrated. What’s the state of the art app in Gnome?


  2. Joakim’s avatar

    I totally agree with the cold, dead hands part for kregexpeditor. Luckily for me there is at least one more like me out there :)



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