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Some time ago, I wrote a guide on how to create an online eBook library, accessible from a browser or Android/iPhone device. The benefits are many. You always have access to all your books, anywhere. You can directly share them with your friends. You don’t have to manage local libraries on your devices.

Since I wrote my first post, a number of better tools have come along which make this easier. Here is the new way to do it.

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My OPDS library

Update 2014-04-25: This post has been superceded by my new method.

I have a personal server (, a large collection of eBooks, and several Android devices. I like to read books on the go, without the hassle of actually carrying dead trees. But I don’t want to manage local copies of ebooks on my phone or tablet. What I really want is a personal library, accessible anywhere, from which I can download my books at any time. And now I have that.

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