Recognising Puppet manifests in Geany

I use Geany to develop our Puppet source. * However, Geany doesn’t support Puppet manifests natively, and I couldn’t find a working example of someone who has done it. So here it is. Come and index, search engines!

* Yes, I’m aware that there are better and more feature-rich IDEs out there. But I’m happy enough with Geany for now.

Geany has a basic guide on custom filetypes. To add support for Puppet manifests, normally ending in .pp, we have to first define a “Puppet manifest” file type. Then we have to associate *.pp files with Puppet, and not Pascal. Here’s the easy way: unpack my Puppet manifest configuration for Geany in ~/.config/geany/.

Or, do it the manual way. These customisations override the files in /usr/share/geany/, which is a handy template for your changes.

First create ~/.config/geany/filedefs/filetypes.Puppet manifest.conf. If you don’t like spaces in filenames, call it something else. But take note, as you’ll use it later.

# 2013-07-09 - Puppet manifest definition for Geany




compiler=puppet parser validate "%f"
run_cmd=puppet apply --noop "%f"

Then create or edit ~/.config/geany/filetype_extensions.conf.

# 2013-07-09 - overrides for custom filetypes
Puppet manifest=*.pp;

Script=Puppet manifest

Suggestions welcome.

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