July 2013

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Tonight I tested a Raspberry Pi model B running Raspbian as an OpenVPN-capable router. I used an Apple USB FastEthernet adaptor as the external interface. Results are disappointing. Pushing traffic through the VPN produced 90% CPU usage at about 8 Mbit with the CPU running at 700 MHz (no CPU overclocking). That’s far below what my tests with “openssl speed” produced.

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I use Geany to develop our Puppet source. * However, Geany doesn’t support Puppet manifests natively, and I couldn’t find a working example of someone who has done it. So here it is. Come and index, search engines!

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Job openings at Talia

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We’re interviewing for new Linux administration and systems development positions at Talia. Do you have a few years’ experience under your belt and want a challenge? Or have you used Linux at home and want to make the switch to being paid for it? Apply here:

You’ll be working directly with me as part of a small team. You’ll have plenty of responsibility and input into what you work on, and we’re a pretty fun group.

Update 2013-08-07: We’ve filled both roles. However, you’re always welcome to send me a CV.

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Cacti and 1-minute polling

Update 2018-02-08: This post was written for Cacti 0.8.x. Some details have changed since Cacti 1.0.

You should really, really get your Cacti RRA settings right before you begin using it. Cacti defaults to polling every 5 minutes, but a lot of enterprise users change this to 1 minute in order to provide higher resolution for troubleshooting problems. Unfortunately, there is a lot of incomplete information on how to do this.

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