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The latest virt-manager package in Ubuntu karmic is broken. We use virt-manager to manage KVM/QEMU virtual machines over an ssh tunnel. This worked fine in hardy and jaunty. But it is partially broken in karmic.

The bug appears as:

  1. Start virt-manager.
  2. Connect to a KVM host server using connection “Remote tunnel over SSH” with hypervisor “QEMU/KVM”.
  3. Double-click on a VM to open a VNC connection to console.
  4. The error message “Error bringing up domain details: invalid argument in virDomainGetXMLDesc” appears, and no VNC session opens.

The problem is with the latest version of virt-manager, 0.7.0. To work around it I’ve repackaged virt-manager 0.6.1 from jaunty with the fake version “0.7.1~really0.6.1-1ubuntu4”. Packages for i386 and amd64 are now in my APT repository.

Also, KPackageKit ignores my “dpkg --set-selections“, forcing me to do this. Thanks, KPackageKit, for ignoring the standard! Otherwise I could install the jaunty package and mark it on hold.

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  1. Dennis Steenwijk’s avatar

    Many thanks for repackaging Virtual Machine Manager!


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