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I’m in Stockholm this week, training on OTRS. OTRS is packaged as an RPM for OpenSUSE and RHEL/CentOS, but the package maintainers have left a lot of basic steps for the user to run after install or upgrade. Here are commands to install all missing Perl modules for OTRS, both optional and required.

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iptables firewall templates

I use iptables firewalls on every server I administer, including all of our core routers (which run Linux too). There are lots of tools to easily configure a firewall. For simple tasks, Ubuntu now installs ufw by default, which has both command-line and GUI tools. For servers, consider Webmin.

If you want to do something more complicated, or prefer editing iptables rules yourself, you’ll have to do it by hand. When I first started doing this I found a template online and edited it to suit my need. Over time I’ve learned a lot more about iptables, and my templates have evolved.

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