Pascale’s new Raspberry Pi

This weekend Pascale and I replaced the children’s Ubuntu PC with a Raspberry Pi. Pascale is my oldest daughter, now 4.5 years old.

Pascale with Raspberry Pi

Pascale loves the Raspberry Pi logo, and calls the new computer “Raspberry Pi … Pi Pi Pi!” I installed Raspbian on the SD card the night before. The next morning, we sat down together with all the parts and cables. We watched the video and assembled the enclosure together. Then Pascale figured out all where all the cables go and how they snap in. We’re still waiting for the HDMI-to-DVI cable to connect it to the screen on her table, so we tested it on the TV.

We bought the parts on eBay. Here are the details:

  1. Raspberry Pi model B 512MB RAM
  2. Adafruit Pi Box, a clear acrylic enclosure
  3. 16 GB SD card with the latest Raspbian

We already had the peripherals:

  1. GMYLE Super Slim USB 2.0 Mini Keyboard
  2. Sweex MI055 Mini Optical USB Mouse, Green
  3. ViewSonic VX715 display with DVI and VGA inputs

Tomorrow, we’ll figure out Flash on the Raspberry Pi, so she can visit her favourite website.

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  1. Zehong’s avatar

    That’s cool. my wife just bought a set of raspberry pi for our 4-year old girl (see: and I had worried maybe it’s too early for a kindergarten girl until i found your blog! really inspiring! please say hello to Pascale and keep sharing her story about Pi. :)


    1. Tyler Wagner’s avatar

      Hi Zehong,

      Thanks for writing! I’m glad to see others using them. We switched back to an Intel Atom PC with Linux Mint for the kids, as it runs Flash applications much better. We use some online services like Reading Eggs and Poisson Rouge, both of which require Flash. Gnash on Raspberry Pi just isn’t a substitute.

      However, we still have two Pis to play with, and I’m thinking of building a weather sensor with Pascale using it. We also installed Scratch on the kids’ PC, which we originally discovered on the Pi. Pascale loves it!


    2. Zehong’s avatar

      Thanks, Tyler. Thanks for sharing. My wife is studying it and plan to teach my daughter during winter time. :)



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