April 2010

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“How do I backup my BackupPC pool” is perhaps the most common topic of discussion on the backuppc-users mailing list. BackupPC stores all files in a common compressed pool (cpool, although I’ll use simply “pool” for this discussion), and maintains trees of hardlinks into the pool for each backup host. Therefore BackupPC requires a Linux/Unix filesystem. If you want to back up the BackupPC server itself, you must duplicate the pool, and the hardlinks to it.

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Not long ago we started having very unusual issues our email servers. Mail would be inexplicably held for delivery, bounce back, or fail to send for hours and then send without issue later. Some users couldn’t fetch email by POP until they restarted their mail client. We investigated the mail software, but weeks of investigation turned up nothing.

Around the same time, we also experienced intermittent problems logging in to MSN Messenger, and some users complained of issues accessing certain web pages, including a lot of HTTPS links. I began to suspect these were related.

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