kregexpeditor now in repo

Cleaning up after the KDE 4 upgrade continues. Today I tried to port kregexpeditor from hardy, but pbuilder stopped with a library conflict:

kdelibs5-dev: Conflicts: kdelibs4-dev but 4:3.5.10.dfsg.1-1ubuntu8 is to be installed

I’m sure I could have resolved this, but I decided to test the hardy package before spending any more effort. The package installed without complaint, and the binary runs. I’ve added the amd64 and i386 packages from hardy-backports to the repo for jaunty.

I’m sad to see kregexpeditor go, as it is the only decent means of visualising complex regular expressions. It is apparently orphaned upstream, with no plans to port it to KDE 4.

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  1. tyler’s avatar

    kregexpeditor is also in my repo for karmic and lucid. Thanks to Andrew Mason for testing.



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