December 2015

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If you are like me, you are notified of both email and syslog errors from your Linux hosts. If you aren’t, you don’t know what’s wrong with your computers. But if you are, you sometimes have to deal with noise, like this totally useless message:

From: Anacron 
Subject: Anacron job 'cron.daily' on host

gzip: stdin: file size changed while zipping

This is caused by a logrotate definition using “compress” without “delaycompress”. The error message is especially unhelpful because it doesn’t contain the filename causing the problem, due to the way logrotate invokes gzip as a pipeline.

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Merry Christmas!

It’s that time again! $happy $holidays, everyone! We have a special card just for you:

After years of fun with the “madlib”-style card, we tried something very different this year!

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