March 2012

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I’ve added several packages to the repository recently. I still use maverick, the last release before Unity became the default. I intend to move to Unity with precise, but until then I’ve been backporting things to maverick.


  1. maverick: fceux 2.1.5, backported from precise
  2. maverick: get-iplayer 2.8.0, taken directly from precise
  3. lucid: logcheck 1.3.14, backported from precise to correct a problem with wildcard globs in the lucid release

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XBMC 11.0 “Eden” has just been released. So far, it’s sexy. So sexy.

After the upgrade, one key on my Logitech diNovo Mini keyboard stopped working. Previously, I had configured the “Media” key in the lower right corner to switch between full screen and windowed mode, so I could access the normal Ubuntu desktop. However, this now launches the Music Library. They keymap for this key changed from <launch_media_center> in Dharma to <launch_media_select> Eden.

This file corrects it.

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