June 2009

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Dirty sshfs hack: smount

I love SSHFS. I manage a lot of machines, and I very often want to do something like this:

diff root@server1:/etc/randomrcfile root@server2:/etc/randomrcfile

There are ways to do this with Kompare (a KDE diff app) and the fish:// Kioslave, but not on the command line. SSHFS makes it easy:

mkdir /tmp/server1 /tmp/server2
sshfs root@server1:/ /tmp/server1/
sshfs root@server2:/ /tmp/server2/
diff /tmp/server1/etc/randomrcfile /tmp/server2/etc/randomrcfile

I do this so often that I’ve written my own script to handle this for me, smount. Copy it somewhere in your path, remove the extension (or don’t, as you prefer), and optionally make a copy or symlink called “sumount”. Now you can rapidly mount and unmount multiple hosts.

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The game of global whack-a-mole continues, and it does not favour those holding the mallets. tvrss.net, formerly my source for RSS feeds of torrents of my favourite TV shows, is likely down for good. You can search eztv.it for individual torrents directly, but why? showrss.karmorra.info is already up, and it’s even better than tvrss.net. Now I have one custom feed for all my shows, and it automatically filters out duplicates and resolutions I don’t want.