Man pages

for google search bar

This plugin installs a google search bar entry for "Man pages". This will connect to the web server (such as Apache) installed on your PC and display the results of a man page search.


This plugin was written for Firefox 1.5. It probably doesn't work in Firefox 2, and definitely doesn't work in Firefox 3. There are better ways to do it now. This page is maintained as part of an archive of the old website.


  • a web server such as Apache
  • man2html
  • To check if you meet the above requirements, try to load this URL: http://localhost/cgi-bin/man/man2html. If it succeeds, you can install this plugin.


    Man page local Man pages, by Tyler J. Wagner.


    Thanks are due the cool people at who wrote the javascript code to install this plugin, the authors of the KDE crystalsvg icon set, and the Firefox team for making such an awesome browser.